Vigilia (Being Awake)
(Argentina/ Spanish/ 2016/ 108 Mins)
Dir. Julieta Ledesma

29th March | 09:00 PM
Stein Auditorium

Synopsis:  At dawn, Santiago wakes up naked and beaten in the middle of the desert. The young man stands very confused and goes back to his father’s house. In the field, his family is suffering a great drought. His father Ernesto receives him at gunpoint, while his dog Arón protects him threateningly between his father and him. Ernesto decides, against his son’s will, to sacrifice the family’s dog that has become wild. Arón, the sacrificed dog, emerges from its grave and its phantasmagoric apparitions threaten Ernesto’s sanity and shake the family’s foundations, remaining at the mercy of his wild impulses.

Suitable for 18 years and above

  • Cast: Osmar Núñez- Mirella Pascual- Pablo Ríos- Jorge Román- María Inés Sancerni- Ia Arteta
  • Screenplay: Julieta Ledesma
  • Producer: Ignacio Rey/ Carolina Lusa
  • Cinematography: Matthias Fleischer
  • Editing: Valeria Otheguy – Ana Remon
  • Sound: Martin Grignaschi
  • Music: Ruy Folguera
  • Awards: Official Selection Oaxaca Script Lab organized by Sundance and Ibermedia | Ibermedia Award for Co-production | Award for Co-production granted by ICAU (Uruguay Cinema and Audiovisual Institute) | Award at the First Film Competition granted by INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts), Argentina | Award “Our America First Copy” for Post-production at the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema of La Habana.
  • Festivals: IFFI Goa, India 2016 | Festival internacional de Mar del plata, Argentina, 2016 | Festival of the New Latin American Cinema of La Habana

Entry Free: Passes available at the Programmes desk, Habitat World, IHC





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