The Diary of Anne Frank
(German/ 2015/ 120 mins)
Dir. Hans Steinbichler
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28th March | 06:30 PM
Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: Amsterdam, the year 1942. The Franks, a German-Jewish family, receive notice of their imminent deportation to a Nazi “labour camp”. In order to protect themselves, the family pretends to flee to Switzerland and moves to a hidden apartment in a rear building located on Prinsengracht 263. Month upon month, they spend there, isolated from the outside world. Despite the circumstances, 13-year old Anne tries to lead a normal life. She reads a lot and begins to write on her own. In her diary, she chronicles the two years of concealment and the not always harmonious everyday life in the hideout with great perception and subtle humour, while also venting her fears and sorrows. In August 1944, the family is betrayed and arrested. Anne Frank dies at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945.

Suitable for 18 years and above

  • Cast: Lea van Acken, Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Noethen, Stella Kunkat, André Jung, Margarita Broich, Leonard Carow, Arthur Klemt, Gerti Drassl, Stefan Merki, Jamie Bick, Ella Frey, Maximilian Löwenstein, Michael A. Grimm, Michael Kranz, Florian Teichtmeister, Marcus Widmann and Konstanze Fischer
  • Screenplay: Fred Breinersdorfer
  • Production Company: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH (Köln), AVE – Gesellschaft für Fernsehproduktion mbH (Berlin)
  • Cinematography: Bella Halben
  • Editing: Wolfgang Weigl
  • Sound: Erik Seifert and Michael Stecher
  • Music: Sebastian Pille

Entry Free: Passes available at the Programmes desk, Habitat World, IHC


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