Driving with Selvi
(DVD/ Canada/ English/ 2015/ 84 mins)
Dir. Elisa Paloschi
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31st March | 07:00 PM

Synopsis: Selvi, like so many girls living within India’s patriarchal culture, is forced to marry at a young age, only to find herself in a violent and abusive marriage. One day in deep despair, she chooses to escape, going to a highway with the intention of throwing herself under the wheels of a bus. Instead she gets on the bus, choosing to live… and goes on to become South India’s first female taxi driver. We first meet 18-year-old Selvi at a girls’ shelter in 2004 – timid, soft-spoken, a fresh runaway from a difficult life. Over a ten-year journey, we see a remarkable transformation as Selvi finds her voice and defies all expectations – learning to drive, starting her own taxi company, leading seminars to educate other women, and much more.

Suitable for 18 years and above

  • Producer: Elisa Paloschi
  • Cinematography: Elisa Paloschi
  • Editing: David Kazala and Mahi Rahgozar
  • Sound: Daniel Pellerin
  • Music: Ken Myhr
  • Awards: Truth To Power Documentary Award – Reel Asian International Film Festival, Audienc Award – Wakefield International Film Festival,Winner New Mavericks Award – Atlanta Film Festival
  • Festivals: Atlanta Film Festival – 2016, Canberra International Film Festival – 2016,Raindance Film Festival – 2016,Human Rights Arts & Film Festival 2016, IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival) and MAMI (both 2016)

Entry Free: Passes available at the Programmes desk, Habitat World, IHC


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