Zoltan Fabri Retrospective | A Pál utcai fiúk (The Paul Street Boys)
(DVD/ Hungary/ USA/ Hungarian/ 1968/ 120 Mins)
Dir. Zoltán Fábri
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27th March | 07:00 PM

Synopsis:  In Budapest, two rival gangs of young boys lay claim to a vacant lot. The hostilities escalate yet never quite boil over into actual violence. Just when things do get out of hand, however, the problem is “solved” by the city government, which takes over the lot for future development.

Suitable for 18 years and above

  • Cast: Anthony Kemp, Gary O’Brien, John Moulder-Brown, Julien Hoidaway, Mark Colleano, Paál László, Pécsi Sándor, Robert Efford, Törőcsik Mari, ,William Burleigh and Zokák László.
  • Screenplay: Zoltán Fábri
  • Production: Endre Bohém
  • Cinematograhy: Illés György
  • Editing: Ferencné Szécsény
  • Sound: György Pintér
  • Music: Emil Petrovics
  • Awards: 1969 Nominated for Oscar (Best Foreign Language Film) | Teheran (Special Award) | Budapest (Public Award)

Entry Free: Passes available at the Programmes desk, Habitat World, IHC



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