The Seeds of Violence

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 26th March | 02:00 PM
The Stein Auditorium

(South Korea/Korean/2017/83mins) 
Dir. LIM Tae-gue

Synopsis: Joo-yong, a soldier serving his duty in the Korean army, attempts to expose the abuses from a senior soldier but fails. On that day, another violent situation happens by breaking a tooth of a second private soldier, and Joo-yong takes him to his brother – in – law’s dental clinic. While the brother- in -law reacts rather awkwardly towards his visit, Joo-yong is stricken with a hunch that his sister is being domestically abused. Joo-yong struggles to resolve the situation both within the platoon and his sister’s home, and finds himself falling into violent actions himself.

    • Cast : LEE Ga-seop, JUNG Jae-yun, KIM Soy, PARK Seong-il
    • Screenplay : MOON Kwang-baek
    • Producer : PARK Hae-o
    • Cinematography : SON Jin-yong
    • Editing : LIM Tae-gue
    • Sound : LEE Geun-yeol
    • Festivals : Jeonju International Film Festival|San Sebastian International Film Festival| Warsaw International Film Festival|Festival Internacional de cine Mar del Plata|Cairo International Film Festival
    • Age Limit : Suitable for 18 years and above

Entry Free: Passes available at the Programmes desk from March 1 for Habitat Film Club members only.Open to all from March 6th at the venue and online at



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